ORPCI History

In March 2006, ORPCI member Gary Welborn wrote an interesting piece in the USPSA's Front Sight magazine on the history of the club ...

"The club was incorporated in 1955. Typical of modest rural gun clubs, it was primarily an NRA and DCM bullseye club. During the mid-80s our members became interested in this new kind of shooting sport called IPSC. At the time, I was the only club member who had attended an IPSC match. It did not take much arm twisting to to start IPSC-style matches on the 100 yard rifle range.

We soon outgrew our facilities. While we pondered the problem, then club president Dave Moredock said lets go to the board of directors and ask for money to build pistol bays. The club directors approved the funds. Three bays were constructed across the ridge from the main range. We held our first USPSA-approved match in March of 1990 with the help of sister club KAPS in Bardstown.

Membership levels continued to show modest growth with 160 happy members and only a few soreheads. The club was able to build two more pistol bays, one shotgun bay, and a parking area with a little help from FNRA. The club now consists of a 48 point / 100 yard rifle / pistol range, trap range, five, now six, gravel pistol bays, and one gravel shotgun bay on 136 acres of rolling Hancock county hills..."